About us...



We are two sisters that share a deep love and appreciation of dance. Since we were 3 years old dancing has been our life, and we spent most of our childhood in dance education. At the National School of Ballet in Peru, we studied traditional Peruvian dance, Latin dance, modern dance, and ballet. After several years, we decided to become dance and fitness professionals.

In 2002, we got certified from the National Institute of Physical Development & Education of Peru. We began teaching Latin choreography, modern dance, aerobics, and Peruvian Afro. We also participated in many dance competitions, winning the Latin Jazz National Competition in 2004.

In 2007, we began teaching in the US, and opened STUDIO FIESTA in June of 2009. Our goal was to offer a convenient class schedule with a wide variety of fitness classes.  STUDIO FIESTA has been our passion ever since, and we would like to thank you all for joining and helping us spread the word!


Veronica and Marilin :)